juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 6

Tornado Alert

April 3: Tornado Alert

Today, tornadoes struck the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. We would later learn that no less than 16 tornadoes hit, wreaking havok all over. We were at the office on Luna Road, when we heard the tornado sirens blaring. We learned from emergency broadcasting that a tornado was only ten minutes from us and heading our way. We stood in the doorway and watched as a huge black cloud moved overhead, with rotating wisps of cloud cropping out from it. Then it passed on over us. I held my breath when I drove home, fearing what the winds had done to Rufous & Henrietta's nest. But there it was, intact, just like no calamity had taken place in their near surroundings.

April 5: The Hawk Couple is Safe

This morning I walked to the nest to take a look. I heard Rufous utter a single nasal "kek," but could not spot him. Henrietta was perched on the side of the nest. She is so beautiful!

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