juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 7

Eggs in the Nest

April 6: Almost Time for Egg-Laying

This evening, Jay & I drove by the nest with windows rolled down but did not stop. Henrietta was in the nest. We could only see her head, facing north.

April 16: Eggs in the Nest

All is quiet surrounding the Coopers hawk nest. There is little to clue man or beast to the fact that there's a nest at all, much less several small hawk eggs. It is almost impossible to see Henrietta sitting on the eggs down deep in the nest. But then there's that tail, which won't quite fit into the nest.

April 22: Taking a Break

Yesterday and today I saw Henrietta sitting on the edge of the nest. Possibly the weather is so warm that the eggs do not need to be incubated all of the time. No doubt, she knows what is best for her yet-to-be-hatched hawklets.

April 27: Nest Peepers

As Jay and I drove home this evening, we slowed to view the nest. A couple with a baby and a dog were walking right underneath the nest. They saw us staring up into the tree and asked us what we were looking at. Of course, we obliged and told them about the hawks. I hope Henrietta wasn't too upset by all the discussion and gawking going on just beneath her! As it turned out, the folks we met were new neighbors, Josh and Kinsey, and their two-year-old is named Fiona. Jay was recruiting Kinsey for his running club before I could cross the street and head home.

April 29: Rufous on Guard

The nest drive-by has become routine for us as we round the corner for home. Tonight, before coming alongside the nest, I spotted Rufous in a nearby live oak tree. Undoubtedly he is guarding the nest as Henrietta incubates their eggs. This was the first time I had been able to spot him, hiding quietly near the nest. Earlier in the day, a flock of blue jays screamed in a cypress tree near the nest. My guess is Rufous did not go undetected by the blue jays.

May 4: Rufous the Hunter

This morning, as walked out to my car, I heard blue jays screaming across the bridge, north of the nest. I looked up toward the big willow tree, and suddenly Rufous flew out like a bullet. I could only see a flash of his red chest as he barrelled across the street and through the live oak trees. He may have had prey in his talons, but I couldn't say for sure.

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