juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 22

They're Everywhere!

June 22: Going for a Hike

I was just about ready to go for a walk, when I saw two of the little hawks fly from the cypress tree up to our roof. I always take my little Canon point-and-shoot camera with me on hikes, so I got some photos of one of the young birds on the balcony near our roof.

Fledgling on the Rooftop

Hoping to catch a glimpse of Slats or Silva, I hiked over by the Trinity River, but did not see the hawks, nor did I hear any young hawks whistling for food. Perhaps they have chosen a different nest site this year. I saw plenty of other birds, including several cardinals.

As I came to the end of my hike, I passed under nest tree and saw one of the little hawks in the tree. The young hawk watched me with curiosity as I snapped photos with my little Canon Camera.

Matey in Nest Tree

No sooner had I gone inside than Susi started begging for her turn. So I slipped her little walking jacket on her and got her leash, and back outside we go! I scurried back indoors for the Nikon camera this time, because there were two of the young hawks low in the cypress tree where I knew I would be able to photograph them.

Jack and Will in the Cypress Tree

I speculate that these are Jack and Will, the adventurous pair. And Matey and Stow hang out closer to nest tree. But thatís my imagination! Bear with me!

Will Jack

There very well may be differences in the demeanors or personalities of the young hawks, however. While I was observing, a workman drove out of the greenbelt underpass on a small tractor. Jack remained steady and still, watching him. And what did Will do? Watch the video!

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