juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 23

Mine Mine Mine!

June 29: Mine Mine Mine -- NO -- Mine Mine Mine!

During the past week, we have seen the young hawks many times in the trees surrounding our home. Once, I even saw one in the middle of the street! Hopefully they won’t make a habit of that. Here is another photo that Jay snapped using his smart phone:

Jay's Photo

The constant begging for food has diminished, but we can still hear the whistling eee-eww somewhere after listening for only a few minutes.

This morning, as I was finishing my hike and heading for home, I heard the little hawks calling. I was about a block north of my house, walking along the greenbelt, when two of the hawks flew up to the roof of a house, one in pursuit of the other. They were both squealing “eee-eww eee-eww,” which I interpret as “mine mine mine,” NO “mine mine mine.” Here is the sequence of events that I saw. The first hawk had prey in his talons, and intended to eat lunch on the chimney cover. The second hawk crept closer and closer… and eventually stole the remains of the meal.

Watch out behind you!
Lunch on the Chimney

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A Little Closer And Still Closer Gonna get it!

Obviously, it was lunchtime. As I reached nest tree, one of the parent hawks made a prey delivery, dropping the food right into the nest. There was a great rush to the nest, with squealing youngsters making a bee-line for the meal. One would mantle over the nest; then another would charge in to displace him/her.

This little hawk waited patiently nearby, watching for an opportunity to steal the meal. I was pleased to note that he/she appears healthy, alert, and active.

Healthy Fledgling

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