juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 10

South Winds Damage the Nest

May 26: South Winds Damage the Nest

Weather has been mild this spring, giving the hawks a welcome break, but today their luck changed. Winds from the South averaging 30 MPH buffeted their nest all day, with occasional stronger gusts swaying the nest from side to side. I walked out to survey the possible damage, and was alarmed to see the normally round nest had elongated and thinned out from the stress of the wind. Henrietta rode low in the nest, covering the chicks, her head barely visible above the rim of the nest. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I believe I could see light through the nest. If the wind persists tomorrow, the nest may not make it.

May 27: Repairing the Damage

The wind has diminished to 20 MPH this morning. I hiked over to the Trinity River and walked along for about a mile, just for exercise. When I returned, I could see that Rufous and Henrietta had already begun repairing the damage to their nest. It no longer looked bare and flimsy. I could see Henrietta'a tail pointing southeast as she rode in the gentle breeze.

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