juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 11

Feeding the Chicks

May 28: Feeding the Chicks

This afternoon, as Jay and I returned from doing our errands, we drove home on the canal side and slowed to a stop beside the nest tree. We peered up at the nest, and there was Henrietta, feeding her chicks! We watched as she stooped again and again, pulling bits of food from her prey and placing it into the hungry little mouths. Hopefully, we will soon know how many chicks she is rearing this year.

May 29: On the Road Again

I left this morning for a short trip to SC.

May 31: Summer Storm

I returned late this afternoon. It rained in Dallas earlier today, but no serious storm. The bad weather delayed my flight for several hours, and it's good to be home!

June 1: Visit to the Nest

I walked out to the nest this morning, and could see no sign of Henrietta. Yesterday's storm does not appear to have done any damage to the nest, but this afternoon, there is still no movement in the nest.

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