juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 15

Out of the Nest

June 8: The Peepers

Today was a very eventful day! Early this morning, the little hawks were all peering at me from the confines of their nest. I call this photo “Peepers” because you can see the eyes of each one curiously studying the strange creature below.


Later this afternoon, I walked out just to take a look, and there was one of the little hawks, perched on a branch beside the nest! I expected them to begin moving about in the tree next week, but this seems very early! The little hawk perched confidently for quite awhile, and then fluttered back into the safety of the nest. Jay saw my excitement and hurried out to the nest, calling, "They're branching!"

Will on the Branch
Notice the length of the hawk chick's tail.
Will has Left the Nest

All the while, Henrietta maintained her vigil only inches above the nest. If she is not perched on the limb as she is in this photo, she is probably somewhere else in the tree where we cannot see her.

Henrietta's Vantage Point A chick stands on the nest rim at left, while Henrietta watches from above (upper right).

Photo on the right is the same view, taken from a different angle and enlarged.
Henrietta Watching

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