juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 5

The Nest Nears Completion

March 24: The Nest Nears Completion

Today I only caught glimpses of Rufous and/or Henrietta flying along the canal. I did take another look at the nest and also took some photos of it. The nest appears to be almost complete.

Cooper's Hawk nest

March 30: Is Henrietta "On the Nest?"

Jay reports that he saw Henrietta sitting in the nest. Later in the day, I took a look and could not see her.

March 31: Henrietta?

I walked all around the nest and took a good look. The nest is in a location where it can be seen from several angles. No Henrietta.

April 2: Henrietta???

I drove down Casa Drive on my way to work. Casa Drive goes right under Henrietta's nest. I slowed to a stop & rolled down the window. As I did this, one of the hawks flew from the tree. I don't like disturbing them at this time, so I won't make that move again.

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