juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 9

Incubation Time

April 27: Henrietta is Back!

Henrietta is back in the nest! Her tail sticks out like a giant rudder as the nest flows in the breeze. Where has she been? The nest is so small, only about 16" in diameter, she couldn't possibly have been down inside? I don't think. Part of her would have to stick out. She has fooled us like this before, and I am so glad to have her back. Now, how long has she been incubating eggs??

Henrietta's Tail

May 1: All is Well

We continue to observe Henrietta in the nest every day. Her tail may point North, South, East, or West, but she is there.

This morning, Rufous came to the cypress tree with his breakfast. Here is the crude video I made while he enjoyed his meal, obscured by the new growth of cypress leaves. Notice that, as Rufous moves about in the tree, he carries his meal with him.

May 9:

Today I walked out to take a look. Henrietta was on the nest as usual, with a tip of her long tail sticking out. As I was watching, a technician with Oncore energy equipment came to check out a utility box near the bridge. His name is Carlos, and he walked over to see what I was watching. Oh, how I love to tell Henrietta's story! He asked me what the hawks looked like, and suddenly Rufous obliged by flying to the nearby cypress tree, where we could get a very good look at him. Carlos tells me that Oncore might be able to supply an electrical outlet from the utility box.

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