juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 10

First Hatch

May 14: We have a Hatch!

We have a hatch! At least one of the hatchlings has arrived!

This afternoon our neighbor Debbie was out walking Charlie, her friendly blonde mutt. (Debbie and her husband Jim have lived in Valley Ranch even longer than we have.) She reported seeing an eggshell near the nest, and Jay hurried out to take a look. Sure enough, he came back with the fragile half-shell cupped in his hand. The membrane inside the egg was still pliable, so we knew a hatchling had recently emerged.

Coopers Hawk Eggshell As you can see, the eggshell is smooth and slightly off-white, with tan speckles and swirls. We can detect only the slightest tint of blue in the shell.
Hen Egg vs Coopers Hawk Egg We were surprised to find that the egg is almost as large as a hen egg, and I took some photos for comparison.
Egg Size Here the soft membrane of the egg is visible. The eggshell is almost 1.5" in diameter at the center of the egg.

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