juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 1

The Hawks Return

March 4:

To our great delight, a pair of Cooper's hawks appeared in the group of cypress trees beside our house today. The hawks moved about from one tree to another, and appeared to be carrying sticks to nest tree! A squirrel challenged one of the hawks, who went into defensive posture, with wings spread out. It looked like the same squirrel, but maybe a different one, who jumped from the cypress tree over to nest tree. There he challenged the other hawk, who also reacted defensively.

These photos are not the greatest, but I will post them anyhow. The hawks have traditionally perched in the same tree while they are getting to know each other again. I have read that Cooper's hawks don't stay together during the off-season, so they will need a period of bonding. Since they are gathering sticks, the bonding may have already gone on for some time! Don't miss the male, above and to the right of the female.

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The Hawks Return
Welcome home to the Male
Male Hawk
Welcome home to the Female
Female Hawk

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