juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 6

Moving On

March 10:

This morning a juvenile Cooper's hawk flew to our patio wall and perched for a few minutes. He looked all around (unh-unh, no bird feeder here) and then flew into nest tree! Perhaps it was one of Rufous' and Roxie's 2016 juveniles?

March 12:

Today we caught a glimpse of a lone hawk in the cypress tree. There has been no more nest-building activity... at least not in our yard.

March 16-17:

Tree experts are installing a barrier wall beside our patio to keep the cypress roots from growing under our house. Cypress knees have begun to appear at unwanted places in our patio and front yard. We are grateful that the barrier can be constructed, and the tree does not have to come down!

March 21:

There has been no sign of a hawk for several days. Today I went out early, listening for sounds of the hawks' sunrise serenade. I walked east for a couple of blocks in the general direction of Rufous' flight with the nest material, then I walked north and circled back around to the house. I came in and was pouring breakfast juice when I saw two hawks fly to the cypress tree. They were there for only a minute, then flew.

April 22:

By now, if all has gone well, Roxie is on the nest. I do hope they have found a good location for the nest, even though I will miss watching for the hatchlings to appear. Perhaps in July I will hear little fledglings begging for food. And I hope and pray that old Rufous is faring well.

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