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Rufous Hawk

Chapter 4

Roxie Returns

February 22:

We spotted both Rufous and Roxie today, perched in the cypress tree closest to nest tree at about 9:45 a.m. Rufous was perched on a low limb, and Roxie was above him, quite a bit higher in the tree. There are no photos to document the occasion, as this particular tree is farther away from my loft window and there's another tree in between. It is tempting to slip outside to get a better photo, but I do not want to disturb the hawks.

February 25:

Today Rufous was seen in the closest cypress tree. Then Roxie flew in from the south, perched briefly, and flew up into nest tree (last year's nest tree, I should point out). It is encouraging to see her fly there, but we have no idea what her intentions are.

March 7:

For several days, we have only occasionally seen a lone hawk in the area. Today, however, Roxie flew to the cypress tree and stayed for awhile, giving me an opportunity to take pictures of her. She flew when a crow came and lit in the tree.

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Roxie Perched Roxie Perched Roxie Perched
Roxie Perched Roxie Perched Roxie Perched

Isn't Roxie gorgeous? In the last photo, she looks like she is dancing!

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