juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 3

Checking Out the Territory

February 17:

Rufous is moving about in his territory. No doubt, the fact that his nest is missing has not escaped his notice. Over the years that he has been in this territory, however, he has built nests in four different locations. The last location seemed to be a pretty good one, and it lasted three years. What will he do this year? Today we caught a quick glimpse of him in the cypress tree.

February 18:

Rufous seemed to be posing for me in the cypress tree, and I got some nice shots, even through the window of my loft. I am lucky that I didn't miss this opportunity, since I was on my way to join my local birder group for the Great Backyard Bird Count. We counted 31 different species today, and one was a Cooper's hawk, soaring high above our group like a flying cross.

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Rufous Perched Rufous Perched Rufous Perched

February 21:

A bluejay was hopping about in the cypress tree today, obviously agitated and screaming. And no wonder! Rufous was having a meal of one of the jay's family members. I watched Rufous as he ignored the jay and casually dined and preened for about forty minutes.

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