juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 12

Last Glimpses

July 23:

Today was the annual I'm-Gonna-Catch-Me-a-Squirrel contest day. Jay was up and dressed for church when he got to see all three (yes, 3!) fledglings pursuing a squirrel around and around the trunk of a cypress tree. The squirrel was never in danger but probably got a good workout. A similar version of this contest takes place every year, with the same fruitless results.

July 26:

Our neighbor Casey Murrell went out for an early run, and spotted one of the juveniles on our rooftop. This beautiful portrait is the last photo taken of a member of this year's Cooper's hawk family, although we would see them again from time to time.


July 30:

As Jay and I walked out toward the garage, I heard a young hawk call out from our rooftop. I walked further out to take a look at him. With a triumphant squeal, he flew out from the roof, crossing the street. I could see the prize he clutched tightly in his talons!

August 5:

Today I was wondering if the juveniles have disbursed. It's been pretty quiet around here. Then Jay called out, "We're about to have a hawk-crow confrontation!" Sure enough, there were several crows strutting about on the ground and a couple in the cypress tree, where one of the young Cooper's hawks was watching intently. Suddenly the hawk made his move, swinging out in pursuit of one of the crows. They circled around and lit in the cypress tree again. After awhile, the crows flew off across the street, where they marched around on the ground. Finally, the hawk took one more swoop at them and lit in a cedar elm tree, still keeping an eye on them.

Clearly, the battle of the hawks versus the crows has not been resolved. We will just have to wait until next season to see what new adventures are in store.