juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 6

Crow Wars

April 27:

I was awakened this morning by the raucous calling of crows right outside! I walked outside to look at the nest, and there was no sign of Roxie's tail! Could she be down lower in the nest to protect her eggs? Maybe she hasn't laid eggs yet? Throughout the day the crows returned to call their threats at Rufous.

Rufous Stands Guard

Does this look like a happy Cooper's hawk to you? Rufous is MAD, and he will not tolerate those crows near his nest.

April 27:

Today the crows were back in full force. About six of them were threatening Rufous in the cypress tree closest to his nest. Rufous screamed at them and displayed his full-striped body armor. More crows called from nearby trees, and at this point I picked up a huge forked stick and went after the crows. They jumped about, aghast at the mad human who was yelling at them. Rufous suddenly took off over the top of nest tree and to the north, with the crows right behind him. I believe he successfully led them away from his nest.

April 28: Today we saw Rufous back in the cypress tree where he guards Roxie and her nest. Crows occasionally called and flew over, but there were no overt threats.

May 3: Roxie's tail has appeared where it should be -- sticking out above the nest! Perhaps all is well after all. Rufous continues to guard her from a triangular vantage of trees, South, North, and Northeast views.

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