juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 3

Bonding in the Cypress Tree

March 3:

The bond between Rufous and Roxie established during the past two years is already strong, and they will reinforce this bond during the time they have before they are ready to start on their new family.

Mating Mating
They will mate frequently as part of re-establishing the pair bond. Encounters are brief, with a great fluttering of wings. Rufous steps quickly away once they are done.

Rufous treats his lady with great care and respect. He provides nearly all of her meals during this time. (Later on, when she is tending eggs and then chicks, he will provide all the meals.) He spends a great deal of time seemingly perched and preening, but -- make no mistake -- he is hunting. When he spots potential prey, he is off like a flash and back in only seconds with a meal.

Rufous Hunting Rufous Rousing Rufous Hunting

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