juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 18

Squirrel Hunting

July 18:

It's time for the young hawks to transition from fledgling to juvenile. Their flights feathers are full length, and they are no longer content to wait and beg for food. The problem is -- figuring out what is edible and what is catchable.

Squirrel Hunting

Most of the food provided by Rufous and Roxie up to this point has been small birds, the favorite prey of Cooper's hawks. But their diet is not limited to avian prey. A small mammal would also make a good meal, but most of the mammals are on the ground! Hmmm. "See that squirrel? Just sitting there? A meal for the taking, right?"

See that Squirrel?

Now let's turn on the video and see how this plays out!

It's easy to see that the squirrels are not at all worried! In eight years of watching, we have yet to see a squirrel endangered by a fledgling Cooper's hawk.

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