juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 17

Wind Storm

July 9:

This morning I went out for a hike in the neighborhood. (To me, any walk longer than one hour is a hike - LOL.) I saw nothing noteworthy, and the day was uneventful until late afternoon, when suddenly the wind picked up very fast. A blast of wind from the North that was probably a gust in excess of 40 mph hit us, shutting down our AC with a loud hum. Looking out the window, I could see debris flying and wondered if we were experiencing a tornado! A limb from the cypress tree broke and tumbled across the yard.... with a young Cooper's hawk attached! Hawk and limb rolled over and over, and the hawk was left lying upside down, no doubt wondering "What the Heck was That??" The little hawk jumped up, shook itself off, and darted back up into the safety of a larger limb in the same cypress tree.

July 10:

Today the weather was sunny and bright again. The only aftermath of yesterday's wind storm was a scattering of tree branches and cypress switches, enough to make a good start on next year's nest. During the day we saw both little hawks on the wing and heard them calling, so apparently no damage was done to them during the storm.

One of the youngsters flew back to a favored spot in the cypress tree that makes a good hammock and rested for a long time.

After the Storm

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