juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 8

Rainy Days

April 14, 2015
Very soon it will be time to lay eggs. The nest is ready. The hawks are biding their time. We are beginning to have some rain, and it is very welcome! Roxie doesn't seem to mind it at all. Wet Roxie
Wet Roxie We have even seen her wading in a pool of rainwater in the street on the other side of the canal. She appeared to be drinking water, or maybe playing with something in the water. I have read that Cooper's hawks will sometimes drown their prey in water, but I did not see her carry anything away when she flew.

Once I watched as Roxie flew down into the grass beside the cypress tree. She spread her wings and settled down to take a sunbath and dry herself, enjoying the warmth on her wings for several minutes before she flew back into the tree.

Roxie Sunbathing Roxie Sunbathing Roxie Sunbathing Roxie Sunbathing

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