juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 3

Nest-Building is Underway

March 14, 2015

Did I say I was concerned about Rufous' stamina in his advanced years? Well, take a look at this video:

He looks pretty hale and hearty to me! Watching them today, it became clear that the hawk pair share the duties of nest-refurbishing. Almost always, one hawk will remain perched in the tree while the other gathers sticks. Roxie mostly snaps very supple live switches out of the tree, and Rufous prefers to pick his up from the ground.

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Rufous watches while Roxie works:
Roxie Then Rufous works while Roxie watches:

Turn about is only fair, right? I like to think they're sharing the duties. Maybe? Rufous and Roxie

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