juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 21

Food Fight

July 9, 2015

I was in South Carolina visiting family when Jay called. "They're flying everywhere!" he exclaimed. "What? The hawks?" I replied. Then Jay: "No! Feathers! I'll call you back. I need to hang up so I can take pictures!" And so I missed the great food fight. But here are Jay's photos.

It all started when Susi jumped up onto the patio window sill and began intently watching the activity taking place on top of the patio wall. Feathers were raining down all over the patio, as one of the young hawks eagerly plucked the bird that would become his breakfast. Before he could finish this task, one of his siblings joined him, ostensibly to observe. Susi

Here are Jay's photos that tell the story of what he and Susi actually saw.

Food Fight
Feathers were flying everywhere!
Food Fight
"Hey Bro, where'd you come from?"
Food Fight
"You can watch, but don't touch my food!"
Food Fight
"Hmmm. I think he needs help."

Food Fight
"I'll just slide over here a little closer."
Food Fight
"Get... Away... From... Here...!!!
Food Fight
... and the thief makes his move! Fight! Fight!
Food Fight
And the thief has it...I think, as hawk#1 flies off on right.

July 12, 2015

This little cooplet posed for me in the cypress tree today. These photos make me think of Slats, Rufous' very first fledgling.

Fledgling Fledgling Fledgling

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