juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 18

The Sky's the Limit

June 23, 2015

The sky's the limit! Mama Roxie has been ousted from her perch in nest tree by her offspring.

Kids Waiting This fledgling patiently waits on "Roxie's perch" for food to be served at the nest. A sibling huddles behind the leaves close beside him.
Most of the young hawks, if not all, have fledged by now, unceremoniously launching themselves from nest tree to any accessible high place in the near surrounds of the nest. Here is one of the fledglings in a nearby cypress tree. Kid in Cypress

Roxie sometimes chooses the vantage point of a chimney cover, where she can attempt to keep an eye on the young adventurers.

Roxie on Chimney Roxie on Chimney

June 27, 2015

It's amazing how fast the young hawks have changed into their juvenile plumage. Their colors are truly beautiful, ranging from yellow to peachy orange to russet to warm brown.

Fledgling Fledgling Colors Fledgling

White patches on the fledglings' backs serve as camouflage and make them blend right into the leafy boughs. Three tail bars are already visible, much like the adults, although their tails are not quite full length. Fledgling Back

The little hawks frequently call eee-ooo eee-ooo begging for food, and it is easy to locate them. It is also tempting to follow them around, but I am determined to leave them in peace. Rufous and Roxie have quite a chore keeping them fed, and useless energy expended in flying here and there only makes them require more food. Nevertheless, if Susi and I go out to the patio, the nearest cypress tree is quickly populated by fledglings, curious to investigate any possible source of food.

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