juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk

Chapter 17

Do We Have a Fledgling?

June 20, 2015

Here is our first really good look at one of the 2015 crop of cooplets. Perched tall and proud on Roxie's limb, with tail feathers only a little over halfway grown to full length, he knows the tree is his. And he knows the sky soon will be his.

In the Tree In the Tree In the Tree

A sibling, obscured by leaves, perches close beside the little hawk. We can only get a good look at his impressive talons.

Later this morning, Jay and I hiked to two different vantage points on the Trinity River. No doubt, it will take a long time for things to get back to normal. I hope Slats and Silva are okay. (Slats is Rufous' first fledge, and has established his own territory by the Trinity.) Every year I get a few glimpses of Slats' offspring. Oh?... you didn't know Rufous was a Granddad?

After we returned from our hike, we let Susi come outside with us for an outing. Our neighbor Casey and his dog Ginger came by and stopped to chat. About that time, Jay saw one of the young hawks fly from our magnolia tree to nest tree! We could see two of the little hawks in nest tree and could hear them calling eee-oooo eee-oooo. They may have been checking Ginger out -- maybe trying to determine the species of that huge red giant with four legs.

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