juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 16

The Dinner Plate

June 20

Late this afternoon, the trees seemed to come alive with the vibration of cicadas. Then, listening carefully, I could hear the screech of hungry little hawks: eeee-eww eeee-eww. I walked out to get a good view of the nest, and there were Moreen and Curly, standing on the side of the nest and crying for dinner. What's for Dinner?

Then Rufous flew in with their meal, dropped it in the nest, and flew out. Curly watched as Moreen dived into the dinner plate. Where are your manners?

Soon Larry appeared. “Hey, leave some of that for me!” Hey, Save some of that for me!

A sibling squabble ensued, and Moreen quickly muscled Curly and Larry out. Bottoms up, Moreen had her fill. Curly and Larry managed only a few bites.

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I hear Daddy coming with dinner! Here comes Daddy
with dinner!
Sibling Squabble Sibling Squabble Maureen pigs out Curly and Larry watch
Maureen pig out.

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