juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 14

Soon We Will Fly!

June 14

Tomorrow Jay and I will travel to Atlanta for a few days, so I went out with my camera hoping to get some more photos of the hawk chicks. By the time we return, the babies will surely be fledgling hawks. They appear to be restless and anxious to venture out. Henrietta, filled with anxiety, still watches their every move.

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Larry's fuzzy head is barely visible on the left behind a limb. Look closely to see Henrietta hidden at right. Curly and Moreen peer longingly out at the world outside their nest. You can see Moreen's tail feathers have filled out a lot. The little hawks hold tight with their talons while they exercise their wings.
Moreen and Henrietta Curly: "It's a long way down!" Notice the chicks have yellow eyes. Moreen shows off the new "big bird" feathers on her back. Always watching for Dad to bring another meal.

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