juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 3

Serious Nest-Building

April 3

After Thursday’s wind storm, our yard was covered with willow branches, perfect nest material. Rufous and Henrietta swooped up and down with the supple limbs and twigs. They must be intent on building a bird palace. A squirrel came foraging for some of the few remaining cypress cones blown down by the wind. Slim pickings this time of year. Rufous seemed to pay the squirrel no attention, but a pair of blue jays went crazy when they discovered both a hawk and a squirrel in the same tree. Rufous and the squirrel leaped up from branch to branch to challenge the jays. The noise was soon overpowered by the sound of lawn mowers, as the maintenance people arrived. All wildlife temporarily retreated to quieter surroundings.

Closeup of Rufous
Rufous in the cypress tree
Closeup of Henrietta
Henrietta looking for sticks
Nest about 50 feet up
Nest about 50 feet up,
as viewed from Red River Trail

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