juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous Hawk
This story began in the spring of 2009. Jay and Betty Norman, who live in an urban community near Dallas, Texas, observed a pair of Cooper's hawks for four months and named them "Rufous" and "Henrietta." In the leafy boughs of cypress and live oak trees, the Cooper's hawks hunted, mated, built and defended their nest, and raised their family, right in the Norman's back yard. This is the story of the hawks and the neighbors who observed them.

It is now 2017. I can hardly believe that old Rufous is still out there, apparently willing and able to get started on his ninth breeding season in our neighborhood. But there he is! And there's a beautiful mate to join him. When I look back to 2009, I realize I could hardly spell h-a-w-k. But, thanks to Rufous, that was when my lifelong passion for raptors began.

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