juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 1

Rufous and Henrietta Return!

March 5

Yesterday we returned home from a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica. And we awoke this morning to a very nice surprise. Rufous and Henrietta have also returned! Perhaps, like us, they spend part of their winter in Costa Rica. I did look up Cooper's hawks in a Costa Rican bird book and learned that they occasionally migrate as far south as Costa Rica. At any rate, I like to think that our hawks have returned from Costa Rica at the same time we returned.

So far, we have seen only Rufous. He is busily flying sticks up to the same nest they used last year. Henrietta must be somewhere nearby, or else what would be the point of Rufous’ nest-building activities?

Here is a photo of the stick nest, about 50 to 60 feet up near the top of a live oak tree.
Cooper's Hawk nest

March 13

Rufous posed, pretty as a picture, in the cypress tree closest to our house. Oh, how I wish I had a good camera!

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