juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 2


March 3: Nest-Building

Rufous was out early this morning, and has already begun pulling sticks out of the cypress tree and picking them up from the ground. I set up my camera in the patio window, and managed to get a few photos - not very good ones.

Rufous Looking for Sticks Rufous with Stick

I am very curious to find where he will build his nest this year, as last year's nest blew away during winter storms. He appears to fly northwest, as he did at the beginning of the year last year. We shall see. I watched him come and go with sticks until a neighbor with two dogs strolled along under the cypress trees. Rufous flew, startling him, as he approached. I walked out on the patio and told my neighbour about Rufous. People always seem so amazed at the tale of the hawks making their home in this urban community. Either that, or they are amazed to find a crazy-lady hawk advocate living in their midst.

March 6: Henrietta Makes an Appearance

The hawks are out in the cypress trees again this morning. I got a good view of the sleek profile of Rufous, although the lighting wasn't good enough for a photo. Then, as I watched, I saw Henrietta flying south along the canal. In flight, her feathers appear brown, although I know her back is a dark gray when she perches. So they are both alive, healthy, and ready to begin a new season!

March 11: In their Territory

We continue to catch glimpses of one of the hawks flying along the canal or perched in one of the cypress trees.

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