juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 12

Larry, Curly, and Moreen

June 11-12

Itís amazing how fast the hawk chicks grow! Their juvvie feathers are coming in, and their tails and wings are filling out. White baby down still clings to their bodies and heads, but they are boldly exercising their talons and legs, clinging to the sides of the nest as the wind whips it back and forth, flapping their wings when they feel the wind lift their feathers. Mom Henrietta remains stolidly on guard beside the nest, undoubtedly fretting over the antics of her brood.

Here are the three hawk babies at four weeks. Larry, Curly, and Moreen

Moreen, the precocious one, usually picks the favored spot at the front of the nest, clearly visible from below. Curly, who is about the same size as Moreen, moves from one side of the nest to the other. Larry, only seen (at right) in this photo as a fuzzy light spot behind the leaves, hangs out on the far side. Itís hard to get a good look at him.

And here are more photos of the hawk chicks, getting bolder and bolder, while Henrietta watches and worries.

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Moreen, Larry?, and Mom Moreen at 4 weeks Watch this, Baby Brother! Oooh, Daddy's Home with Dinner!

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