juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 25

A Good Laugh

July 6: The Weather is Fine!

Today was another great day for a hike, with below-blazing temperature and a soft south breeze. A half-marathon was taking place on Sam Houston Trail along the Trinity River, so I did not really have a chance to see much wildlife. I did see the young Cooper’s hawks when I returned home though. One was perched in the dead limb of an old willow tree beside the greenbelt. Another flew into nest tree, soaring in with wings spread wide and straight like a cross. He looked like an adult bird until I saw the tell-tale streaks on his breast. As he flew into the tree, I heard him call kek-kek-kek softly, so he is already acquiring his adult vocals.

Hawk in Willow Tree

A Good Laugh!

Susi and I went out to the patio for a cool-down, and I heard the chatter of a squirrel. I listened for a minute, trying to determine where he was, when I saw a mockingbird flying around. The mockingbird was not happy; in fact, he was furious, and charged into the cypress tree, where (guess who?) one of the young hawks was stalking the squirrel. Suddenly, the little hawk exited from the tree in a rush, with the mockingbird in hot pursuit right behind him!ROFL!

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