juvenile coopers hawk in the grass The Saga
Rufous and Henrietta Hawk

Chapter 10

Frick and Frack

July 23:

This morning, hoping to see the little hawk, I got my camera ready and went out for a walk. Immediately, I was rewarded by hearing a familiar “eeee-uuuu” across the canal. As I crossed the bridge, I looked south, and suddenly there was a disturbance, lots of screeching, then two – yes, two! – hawks flew across the canal. So I back-tracked and made my way toward some live oak trees.

I could hear more squabbling, and then one of the hawks flew back across the canal and up to the chimney of one of the patio homes. As I edged forward, I could see what all the fuss was about. The other hawk had a meal, and was busy eating breakfast. Frick has breakfast

There’s only one choice of names for these two noisy little hawks: Frick and Frack. It’s thrilling to see them out on the wing, flying strong, and fending for themselves. Rufous and Henrietta, you’ve done a great job again, despite all the hardships.

Little Frick took her time eating breakfast, giving me an opportunity to photograph her bottoms up, upside down, and sideways. Her underbody is very white, and her brown juvie stripes extend all the way down her breast and legs. She did look like she needed a napkin when she finished her meal though. A morsel fell to the ground, and you can see her eyeing it. If I had not been standing there, she probably would have retrieved it.

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Heads Down!

Bottoms Up!

Need a Napkin?

Dang! Dropped a piece!

Now what?

It's down there.

Wayyy down there!

Ah well! That's life!

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